07 July 2009


How many times were you reminded to "never judge a book by its cover?" I've shuffled through this alley several times. Cutting corners to pick up something, or to head home. And then he found a little buzz online about Apotheke.

A doorman leaned back in a cheap folding chair outside the Golden Flower. It must have been some time after midnight. We opened our wallets to pull out our IDs. He cocked his head back, "ID? Drinking is the ID at this bar." We released a chuckle and closed our wallets. Inside Michael Jackson was screaming (surprise, surprise) and the air was thick with honey and taupe lighting.

The gorgeously dressed, unusually attractive crowd leaned into each other's necks to speak. We leaned over a cocktail menu and made our selections. I chose the Spicy Basil ($15). A perfect cocktail. Not a hint of sweet (my interest at this particular moment) and smooth. The bar keeps clearly take an exceptional amount of pride in their work. Friendly, concise and rhythmic in their motions.

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