28 July 2009

a lunch at Eamonn's

After a hectic morning in the office, I took the pleasure of lunch with Martin at his favored post-office spot, Eamonn's Irish Bar & Grill. We settled into a lovely table upstairs to sip on Saratoga (which I much prefer to Pellegrino!) while we mulled over the menu. The selections are fairly typical of a Midtown Irish pub, but the decor and service was a bit more upscale than a dive- an unexpected treated considering the exterior.

We decided to share a few dishes: Endive Salad with Blue Cheese and the Crab Cake. I felt that both dishes exceeded my expectations. The endive was fresh, crisp and mingling with chunks of tart blue cheese. The lump crab to bread crumb/filler ratio was reasonable and well matched to the cucumber/red pepper/corn salsa. The tartar sauce exhibited a from scratch quality.

We punctuated out dishes with espresso, which held it's punch without souring until the last sip. I must divulge: I am quite impressed with the prompt service which exhibited an attention to detail and anticipation of need.

Image: Flickr Eff Two For A Week's

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