08 July 2009

Edith Maybin (Photography)

I'm still working out my thoughts on Edith Maybin. She was recommended to me as a point of interest. The UK photographer is described as:

...investigat(ing)the space between mother and daughter. She takes portraits in a home environment where she and her daughter enact secret stories together whist wearing Marks and Spencer undergarments, a gesture towards Maybin’s own mother and an investigation into female rituals and sentimental inheritance.

...These secret stories they then replay until the camera captures the mother and daughter separately in the same position. This allows for digital reassembly and the final presentation of the two as one. Maybin digitally places her five-year-old daughter’s head on her own body; the photograph resolving the dichotomy of the relationship.

The concept and talent is fascinating, and yet also unsettling to me. Perhaps the beauty coupled with the awkward feel, and secrecy exposed, is what I am sorting out.

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