18 July 2009

sandwiches at Ba Xuyen

Old roomies came together this afternoon in Brooklyn. We ventured deep into Sunset Park to have what Ben promised were the best Vietnamese sandwiches. (Better than those in Seattle!)

We shared a Toro shake while waiting on the #1 Ham, Beef Pate, Spicy. Each costing $3.75-- for what must have been a ten-inch grinder, the meal was recession friendly, a steal.

After the women packed up our food to go, we walked over to Sunset Park and took a bench overlooking Manhattan to our right, the Statue of Liberty directly ahead and Red Hook to our right.

Warm, crusty bread head together the pate, ham, carrots, cucumber, jalapeno, cilantro and other things I am only familiar with the taste. I thoroughly enjoyed the generous sandwich. I wrapped up half for later. The day was muggy, hazy and sweaty and seemed to suit our meal in the park seamlessly.

Ben didn't bluff. These are among the best Vietnamese sandwiches I've had, even compared to Seattle metro. Ben did note that the soup is better in Seattle.

More on Ba Xuyen.

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