08 August 2013

Numi Savory Teas

While perusing the Green & Natural section at Drugstore dot com, I discovered Numi savory teas. Blood Mary placebo for the office? Perhaps. I ordered the Garden Sampler box.

Being an all seasons iced tea devotee, I made the critical mistake of sampling the Tomato Mint, Broccoli Cilantro and Carrot Ginger chilled without following the "Steep for 10 minutes or forever if you like.." instructions. I had mixed feelings- will I grow to love this or is it really terrible? I decided to prepare the Fennel Spice as directed by patiently steeping in hot water.  Spicy and hearty, this savory tea packs a seriously good experience in a mug. The Spinach Chive and Beet Cabbage also delivered. I'm hooked!

Read more and order at Numi Organics.

On day four, I brought

(Image Credit: Serious Eats)

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