23 November 2013

em cosmetics

After a recent Youtube binge, I discovered a number of videos reviewing a power house vlogger's new(ish) make-up line, which is backed by L'Oreal. Michelle Phan is the pretty face behind em cosmetics and the Life Palette is the ingenue of her line. I know I'm late to the party, but if a little bird hasn't told you- these products are worth the investment!

The Life Palette is available in six unique 36 pan designs with lip, cheek and eye colors. The pots are refillable and easily removed with a small tool, which is included. The packaging is -heavy- and features magnetic closure. If you're someone that packs make-up in your pocket book for touch-ups throughout the day- fret not. A mini pallete is included to tuck away the colors your current look are tapped into.

I found myself gravitating towards the Day Life palette and the Beach Life palate. At $75 a pop, I couldn't justify both. I eventually settled on the Day Life which has gorgeous champagne, apricot and rose notes. A few days later, an email popped into my inbox offering 30% off em cosmetics (eh hem: promo code IPSY30). I couldn't resist treating myself to the Beach Life Palette and the Chiaroscuro contour & highlight stick in medium tones.

I view the Life Palates as "one and done" for your cheeks, lips and eyes. The shadows vary in pigmentation, but lend themselves to building more intense coloring. The lip colors are creamy and slightly transparent, lending themselves to compliment a variety of skin tones.

UPDATE: Michelle Phan recently announced that the Life Pallete pricing has been reduced to $59! Keep up the feedback! Smart companies respond:)


Melanie Hanson said...

I was pretty impressed with her range! Another great option that offers MAC-quality, mobile eye shadows is MakeupGeek. The quality is amazing and a fraction of the cost of comparable high end options. I recommend buying a few shades in the individual pans and storing them away in a Z-palette for handy, travel friendly access :)


Keisha Rose said...

Thanks for the tip! I have heard of those, but hadn't seen them around. Will check out the direct sites! bh cosmetics is a pretty good too- baked shadows- if you haven't heard of them:)

Melanie Hanson said...

Love bh cosmetics.. Such great value for money, I have one edition of the 120 palette and I use it regularly! Love your blog lady.

Keisha Rose said...

Thanks! That means so much to me!