30 December 2013

Khroma Honey Pot

Honey is the nectar of the moisturizing gods! Beauty tip: apply a thin layer to face like a masque and rinse off with warm water or use as a lip balm when the thick of Winter sets in! It's a bit messy, which lends me to seek out honey-laced products:

For the non DIY, I discovered a fantastic lip alternative from the Kardashian Beauty line: honey pot lip balm. The product is available in clear shimmer and rose shimmer and delivers the sweet natural scent of honey and moisturizing benefits without the sticky texture. I chose the rose, which applies with a subtle pink flush to my medium-toned lips. The packaging features a twist-open handle, which keeps your manicure from being chipped!

The balm is $8 at Duane Reade,  but it's currently on sale at Ricky's online for $3.75.

Image: Ricky's.

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