30 December 2009

Sunset Park Empanadas

Perhaps it's the West Coast in me, but I love the easy going pace in the office- during the holidays. After a good year of hard work, we take a release. This morning, a colleague brought in "Barrio breakfast," refusing to admit exactly where he schlepped the feast from. A few prodding questions and Google research effort later, I offer you: Sunset Park Empanada Cart.

We arranged platters of juicy beef, chicken and potato filled cornmeal pockets, tangy salsa and pork rinds. The skeletal crew gathered in tables to indulge. Ideal choice: chicken, for its moist quality. The salsa's dominant vinegar flavor balanced the rich meat. The pork rinds were chewy (mind your teeth, there are a few hard bites!) and quite savory.

Photo: Scott Sendrow via NFT

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