09 December 2009

a dinner at Mandarin Oriental's Asiate

There's something to be said for Columbus Circle. The dining is top notch. The Central Park views are stellar. I settled into a corner table with my dining partner at Asiate Mandarin Oriental. As we considered the menu, a bottle of Fiji water and bread choices were settled on our table (we selected the olive baguettes). A brief discussion resulted in a bottle of light wine and apple spiced gastronomic orb amuse bouche placed before us.

For our appetizers, we each selected the Sashimi: mackerel, tuna, edamame, cucumber salad, avocado wasabi mousse and subtly savory basil seed ponzu sauce. The fish proved excellence in freshness and presentation. Thinly sliced apples and salmon roe offered a curious twist in the texture of the dish. While I felt the appetizer was a bit generous for it's order in the meal, it proved to be quite light and satisfying.

We followed suit with the Lobster. Served on a warm dark stone plate, the vibrant red crustacean popped with white polenta, salsify and kaffir reduction. Firm and fresh, the dish matched the gorgeous conversation.

We declined dessert, opting for an espresso for myself (an aggressive move for a midnight close dinner) and loose leaf peppermint tea for him.

Images via: Mandarin Oriental.

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