14 November 2012

Liz Lemon in a Box

Have you read Bossy Pants? I made a fool of myself giggling like a school girl on my flight to Rome a few summers ago while indulging. I'm in a similar state over this post on Liz Lemon in a Box is spot on.

Great Liz'isms:

“I pretty much just do what Oprah tells me to.”
“Hey, don’t knock my Sabor de Soledad. I found a prize in here the other day. I hope.”
“I’d like a meatball sub with extra bread.”
“I’ll have you know that I wore sandals this summer. Over socks. In a dream.”
“I was Princess Leia like four Halloweens in a row. Recently.”
“Working on my night cheese.”

Kudos: You are My Fave

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