10 May 2008

a name you should know

I happened upon a stoop sale on 5th street to meet Joanna Goddard, "three D's!" she clarified as I asked the price of a gorgeous yellow and navy scarf, "One dollar!" I handed her a bill as she told me of relocating to Brooklyn from Michigan. A magazine writer whose featured articles in some of my subscriptions, including the fillet of my interests, New York magazine.

While she did business and considered Brooklyn eats, a young man approached and pounced, "you're selling the book I paid 15 for you, for a buck?! He pulled a bill out and tossed it as he snatched up last year's present. She offered a chuckle and insisted that he didn't need to pay her for the gift he was taking back. Joanna picked up a tupperware of her homemade cookies and bartered, "I'll give you five cookies."

Joanna then suggested applewood for brunch. She asserted, "The Grits are amazing!"

Who doesn't need more grits in there life? "Nana is also good, there is this roll with crab...and Pita Pan! But they always take too long with my delivery. In fact I am waiting for them right now. Oh, there he is!"

I had recently walked by applewood and stopped to take in the menu. It's tucked into the street with tree branches nuzzling its gate. Charming, I had made a mental note to check it out. Nana is another place I haven't tried, but have made a mental note to partake. They offer a late happy hour (until 11pm) with both drink and appetizer specials.
---On that note
If you don't subscribe to New York, check out their online archives for some of Goddard's work. It's fresh, energetic- and deliciously clever.

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Joanna Goddard said...

thank you so much for including me, keisha! i am super honored and your post was really fun and funny :) thank you!!