09 May 2008

take dinner at Papatzul

This evening we payed homage to Papatzul once more. This time for a complete meal post appetizing cocktail. Vadim and I met his folks, Irina & Alex at the bar for Tequila, Negro Modelo and their velvety delicious margaritas.

I'm kicking myself for having not caught the bartender's name. He's from Pueblo, Mexico (the city where the majority of Mexican NYC transplants hail from, I am told). This gentleman is the creator of the Papatzul Margarita recipe. A mastermind combination that hailed from years of experimentation. He is to be opening his own restaurant soon- and I will make note of it's location and offerings in due time...

After our cocktails, we were lead to a comfortable table towards the back of the dining room, which rested under a sky light, illuminated by a vivid green flood light. To start, no surprise here: we ordered the Ceviche and Chipotle Salsa and homemade chips.

The gritty details-

Irina chose the: Huachinago a la Veracruzana: Seared Whole Red Snapper with Tomato, Green Olive and Caper Sauce. (Pictured Above). A charming dish which was respectively not too fishy for Snapper. Alex opted for the Filete de Rez~ a Seared Sirloin with rice, sweet plantains & Poblano Peppers, a surprising decision, as he typically prefers lamb. Although the plantains were a bit heavy for a dish of this caliber-his plate was clean. Vadim preferred the Enchiladas San Marquenas- Braised Beef with Poblano Tomatillo Sauce. To be honest, the beef was nothing to be amped up, but the Tomatillo Sauce was delightful, and refreshing, for a heavy beef dish.

For my entree, I chose the Enchiladas de Pato al Mole Almendrado: Slow Roasted Duck in a Rich Almond Mole (pictured below). The almonds were an ideal consistency for the dense mole- and the duck was a beacon of perfection.

I'm not entirely sure how we charmed more food into our stomachs, but we each took a double espresso and an apertif. The espresso was a bit of a let down! Very weak. One certainly jones' for a robust and bitter espresso after partaking in Papatzul.

We shared the:

Nieve de Dulce de Leche con Palanqueta y Cajeta (Essentially caramel iceream with caramel sauce and peanut brittle)

(Pecan Brittle could have been a bit more crisp!)

as well the:

Mini Flan de Chocolate y Chile con Nieve de Canela:

Chocolate and Chili Pot De Crème with Cinnamon Ice Cream- reminiscent of something you might find at a corner cafe- to be enjoyed outside, along a bustling sidewalk. It should be noted that this, as well the Dulce were on par with portion size after a heavy meal. Modest, and yet ideal for sharing.

True to himself, Vadim requested the Churros con Espumado de Cajeta: delcious with the cinnamon mousse- although the dish was rather dense for a heavy meal. This would be an ideal dish to enjoy after a light dinner and a precursor to an evening promenade.

The meal was excellent, but I prefer Papatzul for margaritas & light bites.

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