05 May 2008

it's good to be in DECIBEL

Again we find ourselves underground- in the sultry light of Decibel, (poorly captured by the flash photography, mind you). Hot Sake, Sapporo and the eventual Lychee Martinis. As to be expected, the sake selection remains consistently satisfying and I recommend trying the feature as well as the tapas style specials. Not ready to eat more than a few small bites each, we had the yellow tail sashimi.
The fish was excellent and served without chopsticks (mistake?) We didn't seem to mind our fingers, perhaps an alcohol produced lack of concern. The Lychee Martini was absolutely on par. I honestly hadn't expected it to be completely excellent, but Decible holds its own. Although slightly coveted from the street, the sake bar draws a large crowd.

Inside, we were shuffled about on low-set stools until we secured a booth with a deep charcoal filled pit in the center of the table. Leo began to admit his preference for anorexic- "boy-like" shaped women and Leonard corrected that curvacious (enthusiastic hand-gesture) women were the ideal preference. We settled in our characters while enjoying the gentle banter amidst the calls of Japanese, woven through an excellent team of servers. We've been several times, and we continue to return to the depths of Decibel.

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