01 May 2008

Thai Sky & others of the Slope.

Thai Sky is a decent place to get an easy bite in Park Slope-- when you want something a little more diverse than a slice or a diner gyro platter. It's nothing spectacular, but still moderately satisfying. A word to the wise: have a seat in the restaurant. The take out/delivery is painfully sluggish compared to other restaurants and the presentation adds to the richness of spices and flavors.

The decor is unfortunate- a confusion of department store mock paintings, things that could very well have been found- discarded on stoops through out the Slope's brownstones==> and the projector-style light flashing a clock on the ceiling- no one's too sure.

The highlight of the surroundings was the awkward couple adjacent to us. The girl- a complete train wreck- discussing her intrepid unhappiness with her job, past relationships, etc- while the completely disinterested guy a across from her shoveled noodles in his mouth as rapidly as humanly possible. She stopped herself a few times, "I really shouldn't be talking about this...I'm not getting any younger, I will be twenty-five in six months..." Survey says- no second date.

Back to my focus...

On to the meal: we each chose a Thai Iced Tea- fairly standard and uneventful. Curry Puff App: good, but -Eh. The best part was the decorative cucumber garnish. I chose the Pad See Ew- while Vadim chose a mild Curry dish. As far as Thai in the Slope goes: SONG is best. Flavor, efficiency & consistency. Rice on 7th Ave is good as far as efficiency and mediocre flavor, but beware of the apps and coconut based soups- sickly sweet. The texture of the 'crab cake' is awkwardly spongy and reminiscent of that TV-dinner that was a complete drunken mistake.

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visionblur said...

THAI SKY is way better eat-in, agreed.
Also, Rice needs to chill out on their apps, they are not as good as other places.