13 May 2008

fashion run

Popping into 41st & Broadway Starbuck's this afternoon, I took stock of the usual chaos that was in play (This is the only Starbuck's I have ever been in that implements walkie-talkies to expedite the intrepid line).

I snagged an ethos bottle and requested a skim cappuccino w/ caramel drizzle. The wait promised to be savage as a dozen or so people perched themselves in corners- snagging splenda packets and mischievously smashing them into their bags.

Three girls ahead of me exhibited the tell-tail signs of their entry-level fashion careers: sharp with Marc Jacobs bags, Ferragamos & expertly tailored jeans. They clung to lengthy, semi-complicated lists of coffee preferences and lunged rhythmically over the counter to correct and dictate the the baristas.

Although my good faith was directed to the barista side of the counter, I couldn't help but think of myself with my caddies of beverages, paper tote with cookies in smaller bags within, straws and napkins peaking out- and then in the future, someone would be bringing me my tall, skim capp w/caramel drizzle (sauce! I cannot stand the syrup!)


visionblur said...

it's as if they read this and retaliated today.

Always In Style said...

Thanks for the chuckle. I go to that Starbucks quite a bit and I so know the entry-level fashion girl type.

SAKURA NYC said...

<3Thank you, Always...I love your blog! Romper Room picks are hot!