19 May 2008

from wisconsin

Night Cap, Dram Shop.

Wisconsin-Native bar keep ruffles conversation- (I have something you should check out). He picks up a pen, a bar tab, and begins to sketch,
B, O, N I, V

(Bon Iver?!)

He drops the pen, a child-like grin forms.

(I know it, I love it.)

He walks to his IPOD, jars the song on play, switches to skinny love.

The cut on Bon Iver, (a take off bon hiver, or ' good winter,' en Francais) is Wisconsin based Justin Vernon's produce while spending four months alone in a remote cabin. He independently released his album: For Emma, For Ever Ago in 2007.The catalyst: melancholy from the closure of his relationship with girlfriend, Emma.

He will be in NYC this Summer (..with the Bower Birds!) July 29 (Bowery Ballroom) & July 30 (Music Hall of Williamsburg).

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