18 May 2008


The Scallop roll special attracted Vadim and I to Hanabi for lunch. ("Fireworks," Thank you for the translation, Erin)

I'm still working out the details of the meal- it was good for a warmish day in Brooklyn, but nothing to write home about. Peruvian- Cocina Japanese fusion in a low ceiling, charcoal walls and open to the streets.

We chose the miso soup, cornflake crab cake, scallop & the Winter roll (spicy white tuna & crunchy, topped w/super white tuna & tobiko). The Tobiko was generous and delicious, the soup too hot- and we settled it w/ sips of hot sake. Decent. I prefer Ginger in Manhattan.

Don't even get me started on the crabcake- Is there some sort of ordinance in Maryland that prohibits outside restaurants from making great crab cakes? I pine for them.

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