05 May 2008

You could try Spanky's

If Times Square isn't garish enough for you, you could step into Spanky's for a quick bite.

The food and decoration is what you'd expect from Office Space, (although I do not recall the servers donning any 'flare').

Greasy, heavy and coma-inducing: it's redeeming quality could be that the food is prepared quickly. The nachos are more than enough for a handful of people to share- the brisket chili integrated into the dish is a nice twist, but the meat is very fatty in a "jelly" type way- You'll find your self inspecting the pieces before placing them in your mouth.

If you enjoy hot sauce, (I do) they do have a decent selection for you to try and add to your dish. The bartender even brought out a special variety from South America which was given the moniker "Colon Cleanser," upon seeing me dash more spice to my bloody mary...

It's not spectacular, but it's a way to throw in some variety when you tire of your usual deli routine...

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