07 May 2008

a taste of Havana

Escape from Times Square and step into Havana Central. Roomy with tall ceilings with golden hues, brass fixtures and palm leaves- you will be able to break from your hectic day at the office with the flirtation of vacation.

We sat at the bar to choose a classic margarita and a blackberry margarita. Well-crafted, they could have been too sweet- but held their own.

We decided to share the Plato Compensino (Cuban Farmer's Plate) which offered Artisan cheeses, guava paste, cuban bread and fresh fruit. Shared by two, the plate was more than sufficient. The bartender was very kind and offered great feedback on the restaurant, despite the fact that we were only sharing an appetizer. She wore a magenta hibiscus flower behind her right ear and a large, genuine smile. Upon leaving she gave us a a few stamped cards- for every five lunches you purchase of $9 or more, you get to eat on the house (up to a $20 dollar value).

Havana Central also crafts their own hot sauces! On the table you will find the Havana Central- a garlic pepper sauce which is mostly garlic- and a gradual spicy. If you would like something a little more serious, try the Yucateca sauce which hits you in the back of your throat more than the tongue- but is not offensive. Made from Habanero peppers- it packs a little punch to your meal.

Vadim looked around between bites and claimed, "I feel like I should be in a cream colored suit, with a salmon shirt and a hat."

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