05 May 2008

It happends at the end of the night.

After an evening of drinking, we followed our pitfalls of indulgence to the East Village's very own: Around the Clock Diner.

The ultimate alcohol sponge: Leonard ordered his go-to Country Breakfast with fruit bowl, no melon. Our friend, Leonard Jones, from Texas-folks. Leo chose some sort of nondescript panini of which I did not attempt to understand-
Vadim, surprising no one, decided on his usual ultimate burger platter- Following the pack of predictability, I dove into the "nachos for one." As far at diner food at 4am goes, Around the Clock is excellent. Thoroughly satisfying, and I am a bit embarrassed to admit that we consumed every last bite of the generous plates before us.

The only diner that I could compare to Around the Clock to- as far as price and quality of product- would be 7A. Although I believe 7A may have a larger and more diverse menu. It's difficult to gage, as I didn't look past the first page of small bites- nachos are my vice. So many flavors and textures in one unit of food!!

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