16 May 2008

lunch hour waldy's

Wrapped in our Pacific Northwest roots, Travis and I were non-phased by the downpour this afternoon: We decided to snag a seat on the downtown bound R to pick up a few small pies at Waldy's.

The thinnest crust (perhaps thinner than Grimaldi's?) Distinctive cheeses, I chose the Braised Lamb, Oregano & Lemon Peel- Travis decided upon the Wild Mushrooms & Red Onion.

We scuttled through the rain and into the train station- Travis offered,"I'm going to be a hobo and eat a slice now, " I glanced down the dark tunnel and confirmed, "Me too."

Now I'm not entirely enthusiastic, let alone amped up about pizza, but Waldy's locks you in a wilderness of delicious. Delicious lunch for less than 10 bones? I'm in. Try an off-lunch hour- it gets busy in there.

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