05 May 2008

a lovely saturday-

Setting out for Prospect Park, Cuba and I picked up cash for the farmer's market.

We trailed through the abundant hills speckled with canvas satchel-toting -families, towards Grand Army Plaza. The Sakura were burgeoning to produce a canopy of pink that reminded me of the university district in Seattle. People collected in small groups to shimmy the branches into showers and capture images.

After galloping through the softness of the petals, Cuba settled and followed me to the market where I picked up a cup of freshly mulled hot apple cider ($1) and selected a few ripened tomatoes on the vine. We then selected a small log of herb infused goat cheese and negotiated our way through the crowding of strollers and dogs to the best looking bread stand.

And by best looking, I must clarify: bread tastes better when you buy it from a thin Italian man with tiny shorts and red hat. He appeared to be a recruit from Team Zissou. I had to be a little covert and stalker-esque to capture this image...but it seemed a reasonable alternative to disrupting his flow of sales.

After collecting the simple items, Cuba and I directed our attention homeward bound to open a bottle of French varietal red and enjoy the lunch...

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