11 May 2008

lunch box tamari

IT'S NOT OFTEN that I have the opportunity for lunch at Tamari- reserved for the occasional weekend or sporadic holiday that my company let slip through the cracks

Always featured is a generous lunch box, a curious set of sushi roll combos, noodles and soup. This go round, I selected the Cherry Blossom Special Lunch Box- (image below).

Uber cheap for the presentation, quality and bulk of food. We sat near the window to people watch and enjoy the open-air dining that NYC restaurants have down-pat.

Noted! Tamari closes promptly at eleven p.m., which I believe makes their 'happy-hour' curiously generous. They offer a buy-one, get-one house sake that extends from open until eight p.m. It's decent for house and nice to sip within the vibrant rouge walls and paint splatter canvases.

After your meal you may enjoy a step across the street to peruse vintage gems and cheap funky jewelery at Beacon's Closet, check out the new designs at BKI- or shoes at Something Else. Although you may want to avoid Something Else, if you're put off by sassy sales girls. Strangely enough, they are worlds more kind if you have you small pooch in tote.

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