11 May 2008

civil images

As I directed my steps down 7th St at Fifth Avenue in Park Slope- I came across these paintings. They are mixed media and integrated into construction/remodel sites.The artist followed the rubble down into the Gowanus Canal where he has created a block-long mural on plywood, which has been placed to fence off an abandoned parking lot.

The images intersect themes of the American Civil War and Brooklyn (water towers, industrialism).

The artist went as far as to paint, "Post No Bills." Perhaps it was requested of him/her to create this mural, regardless they appear to be a call to action, to understanding and consideration for what parallels stretch through founding history of both Brooklyn and the Nation at large.

The horses beneath the soldiers have roots rather than hooves, connecting to them to images of growth, beginning- from the soil/concrete beneath them. He writes that the ground is still soft- which further cements the concept of the hooves as roots and growth.

Through artist's mind, it appears that the base of what is and has become of this city- is molded with the concepts of taking, molding- dividing & merging. In fact the man is a part of the horse in his self and he's playing an instrument that draws in birds- a deeply intertwined culture where you are not certain where to begin or precisely how it all came to be-

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