07 May 2008

as per usual: Rachel's Taquera

As an established regular, I have to confess my undying love for Rachel's Taqueria. In part, the close proximity to my residence is to credit, but living in Park Slope, there are many excellent options to pick up a quick bite or a slow dinner...

Rachel's is a genuine Southern California style Taqueria with the freshest tasting ingredients and persistent reminder of the West coast. The staff is pretty serious about not over-serving libations. They'll place a glass of water sans cocktail before you after 2 or 3 drinks (appreciated, but please we are New Yorkers and eating heavy food :) )
The chips are homemade from flour tortillas with a sprinking of chili powder and salt. The salsa is good- sometimes a bit thin and runny- but the flavor is there. As far as menu items the Super Nachos are an excellent selection. Choose the spinach if you would like something lighter than beef or chicken!

I also reccomend the Mole burrito and the large palate of tacos. The shrimp taco has an amazing chipotle sauce which is robust and fantastically spicy. The verde taco is well matched with pork and Tito's tacos are quite satisfying with their fresh squeezed grapefruit margarita. I am not a huge advocate of their lime margarita, but for whatever reason end up ordering it frequently (it could be the fact that I tend to show up for the great happy hour - two dollars off margaritas, 2.50 drafts, four dollar wells and one dollar ground beef tacos with fresh pico!)

They did feature a fresh watermelon margarita on Cinco De Mayo which was on par with what I used to make in Washington! Very refreshing and smooth. If you're not in the mood for a cocktail, try the watermelon lemonade (no lemons!) I could guzzle it down in a few sips, absolutely addicting and parfait for a warm day.

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