21 May 2008


Unable to face the empty apartment, Vadim and I met my co-worker Andrew and his lady friend, from Texas, for a few sakes in Midtown. We attempted to sip slowly through easy conversation.

The downpour cleared and we stepped outside to a brisk walk to Elizabeth Street.

Vadim had been anxious to take a meal at PUBLIC- a fusion of New Zealand, Asia & the Mediterranean in it's design.

A gorgeous municipal design- simple concepts of keys, books, everything in neat stacks and rows. Dropping lights- even the unisex bathrooms lounge in the hallway.

The host was very gracious, although we neglected to square away a reservation. He led us to the bar for a cocktail while we waited for a table, (15 minutes, he promised).

Tempted by the Guava-Chili Margarita, I involved myself in easy sips of subtle chilies and rounding guava. You cannot disengage from the experience of this cocktail. You lips buzz with the heat and spice. Vadim chose a robust Hitachino Nest Beer-

We elected to rest at the bar when the host arrived to collect us- Sunken, yet open-aired stools amongst easy-to-look-at folks, we ordered another cocktail as well the Grilled Scallops, which rested on a bed of greens with chili sauce, creme fraiche and a long strip of fried plantain. Although we weren't particularly hungry- we also decided to try the Fillet of Kangaroo with Coriander Falafel. Two stunning dishes!

The scallops are gloriously plump, expertly grilled and well matched with the greens. Avoid the awkward texture and consistency of the plantain. It was a bit harsh comparatively. The kangaroo is a beacon of lean precision. The falafel: a lovely marriage- the presence of Coriander: quite appropriate.

210 elizabeth street, ny, ny

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