28 May 2008

images from the Adirondacks- Saranac Lake

We rose at five a.m. in Fairfield, the roads were clear. Gas prices guaranteed that. Rest stops and iced espressos. Four hours of rural turns, and we settled in Saranac Lake.

Not quite eleven a.m., we sampled the empty streets. Each time we crossed back or forth, the approaching car would stop, to allow us to cross. A large black mutt slept in the middle of the side walk.

Eleven approached, a handful of stores opened their doors. Large, shaggy dogs slept in them. A shopkeeper offered us chocolate colored cashews, another kept focused on her newspaper.

A few kids gathered on a corner, standing next to their bicycles. I tucked into a shop-trendier- things you might see on my home town. Named Pink, it offered trendy distressed leather bags, Joe's Jeans & Splendid tees.

The pregnant cashier smiled to me,
"I can't imagine being anywhere else than right here, in the summer." Appropriately, I purchased a vibrant pink Splendid tank, ultra soft. She expertly wrapped it in tissue with a metallic sticker while her friend perched next to me insisted, "This is the best coffee- gesturing to her cup, "It's kind of a hike, but worth it. The place is called, 'Bean To.' "

(Later, I would discover that is short for, 'Bean to Coffee.' )

Not too far, a ten-minute walk- slightly out of town, I had to ask some kids conducting a car wash for further direction.

They swung their arms up a hill and I forged on. The place was a tiny room, with a covered porch. The operation: a single woman, who stepped into a kitchen, behind a folding table. A few homemade cinnamon buns waited to be chosen on the counter. I ordered two iced coffees. She spent about five minutes crafting them in paper cups.

As I waited, an overdo pregnant girl laid herself back on the covered porch with her mother, sipping a smoothie. Another woman walked in stopped, "Wow, you are beautiful, when is it to come?"

She warmed up, "Six days late." The woman returned, "May I touch your stomach?" She shared that with her while her mother inspected a knit hat. As I stepped out with, what was admittedly excellent coffee, I turned to the pregnant girl to smile, she offered, "Would you like to feel too?" I spoke to her a while, she wore lavender contacts in her eyes and dark brown Ugg boots with jeans tucked in. Her mother piped, "I'm up from Florida to help for when she comes. Next Thursday they will induce, if she doesn't decide to come before." Her skin well-tanned. Her eyes were an earnest brown.

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