30 January 2009

...get up now, friends: you're not alone at all (a photo series)

for the ones who stand.

find and seek.

regardless of the fight

for the coming and going.

in whites: bagels & clean cars.

washed: the hudson, the west side highway.

friends, this one's for the lonely.

for the torn down.

for the faithless, love is to be made.

together. come and go.

lunch special.

first thought.

into the weekend: a mobile upload series

boyz on the train: coffee & mobiles

clooney & crabs: the two c's.

drink friends.

It's nice to be busy at work, hey? Until you realize that you're not going to accomplish everything you'd like to. I usually attempt to fight the tendency to get too wrapped up in things, but I suppose that's who I am. I like to go knee deep, take care and give those close something to be appreciated. I eventually threw in the towel, as I knew that Pilgrim would be desperate for a walk. I stepped on the N train. Fell asleep while rereading The Moviegoer (it's offering me an understanding, a perspective of what happened). I jolted awake. Back to the words: they blurred.

Atlantic Avenue/Pacific St: I stepped onto the platform. I love this connection. It's who I am (Atlantic) and who I used to be (Pacific). Denizens lingered in the open doors of an M train. I entered. Sat. This train has been waiting for a while. A passenger needs medical assistance. We're told over and over. It's an automated announcement. I consider this information as a prerecorded thing. Then a live voice. Get on the next express to 36th, transfer to the next Brooklyn bound.
I'm not going to do that.

I rise above ground. This is my last commute to Park Slope. I'm walking home from Downtown Brooklyn. Taking in the graffiti, the people. A man looks to me pensively. A few guys check out my boots and smile. I glance to my phone several times. Take some mobile uploads (above). Pick up the dog, walk him to NYC pet for kibble and treats. I feel like I should tell the owner that I'm moving, that's why he won't see us. Just like I feel like I should tell my Chinese launder, a few delivery guys, the Korean grocers and my bartenders. Some already know.

a frisky weekend to you.

42nd St & 11th Avenue.

As I pushed through the chill to the corporate apartment this afternoon, I couldn't help but notice the attention I was getting from construction workers, gyro cart guys and a handful of white collars. I'm not dressed particularly flashy: skinny cords, Uggs, down jacket and white hat: but for whatever reason, it's that type of day (yes, I am feeling awkwardly Pacific Northwest today, an odd feeling to have, as these are my roots). I love Fridays for the relaxed demeanor in the office, sushi at Dishes and the scramble for the closing of the business day. A few people sneak out early and stickers like this (photo above) define the mood. A frisky weekend to you.

friday polaroid: in an empire state

Today's Polaroid is inspired by New York magazine's 2008 Reasons to Love New York. Number 25: "Because Just When You Take the Empire State Building for Granted, It Seduces You Again." Read the full synopsis and others here.

brooklyn breakdown: a mobile uploads series

lost friend.


it tastes better here.

Proud Subway Begging.

viewpoint stoop.


29 January 2009

manhattan: the year 1609

For nearly a decade, landscape ecologist Eric Sanderson has been working on the Manhattan Project. Above is a composite of Manhattan in 1609 adjacent to the present build. The image is part of a large scale effort called the "Human Foot Print," which aims to show the impact that humankind have had on the landscape. The New Yorker has a great article detailing the journey and also mention of a exhibit that may be set up in the Museum of Natural History.

Above is my neighborhood...which looks more like: this, today.

january closing polaroids, a collection

skull girl, kappa

times square: opening.



it's love: vintage mugs.

It seems that I cannot seem to resist the urge to continuously peruse/purchase kitchen items. It's certainly the most developed and planned room in my apartment. Well, my current apartment's "kitchen" is also the living and dining room (Love, NYC)...but in a few days I will have a segregated kitchen on the Upper West Side. In celebration, I very nearly feel compelled to purchase myself some vintage mugs. Japanese designs were my first intention (the catalyst being the amazing Sushi I had at Kappa Sake House today).

On second thought:

The mugs above are Fire King, they were designed and produced between 1940 and 1979 by
American company Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation (Anchor Hocking) . You can find items like these on ebay or etsy. Happy hunting.

28 January 2009

27 January 2009

Ruvan & Karakoc: inspiration to reread a favorite.

While perusing my Google reader this morning, I came across a series of images reminding me to reread Valley of the Dolls. I had been planning to revisit my favorite books (the catalyst of this thought being a feature in NY Mag stating that before we spend more on books, we should reread everyone on our shelf). Ergo, I think will take on he project, with much less ambition, until someone else recommends a great book to me. Check out more on Elif Sanem Karakoc's flickr, or indulge in Ruvan photography here.

tuesday polaroid


26 January 2009

a look at Edward Hopper

New York Movie, 1939.

The Bootleggers, 1925.

Pennsylvania Coal Town, 1947

Chop Suey, 1929

A friend from college, Christy, recently shared Chop Suey with me. She suggested "Edward Hopper (finds) Keisha." I suppose the woman does have a particular resemblence to me...I couldn't resist sharing a few of my favorites. Hopper is one of the leading American realist painters of the 20th century. His work captures emotion such as lonlieness, introspection and detachment through images in metropolitan scenes, cafes and apartment windows.

first polaroids!

Chrystler Morning.

Brooklyn Stacks.

My brother treated me to a Polaroid camera for Christmas- a new challenge in the practice of capturing images. I'm simply in love with the grade and complexity in what is such a 'user friendly' technology.


I noticed an influx of interested readers: thank you! I hope you continue to enjoy my photos, product recommendations and reviews! Xo, Sak.

Things I'd like to collect for my desk...

I toted my Polaroid camera this morning. After snapping a few photos, (that are idly resting on my desk now) it occurred to me that I need something to protect them in. One of these Kodak Photo Bags (circa 1960'S) would be a great option. You can find them at Present and Correct. Check out the other great finds from the seller below:

Add a little flair to your collection of writing utensils with this solider pen. He's handsome, in that functional meets playful sort of way. I imagine a child may want to take ownership on one as well...

Fairytale stamps: circa 1973 Amsterdam. Although you won't be placing these on envelopes, I think they would look great in a Muji frame on your desk, or perhaps as a tiny gesture to a friend.

Matryoshka folding cards! Another lovely way to keep in touch with your friends and distant relatives!