07 September 2008

easy dinner, market fresh.

This evening I put together a quick pasta from the produce I picked up at the outdoor market at Grand Army Plaza.

1 package (16oz) Whole Grain Pasta.
A few handfuls of green beans (chopped in 3/4" sections)
1 Portuguese hot pepper, seeds removed, chopped in small pieces.
1 Yellow Bell Pepper, chopped in 3/4" squares.
2 Large Heirloom tomatoes, chopped.

While bringing the water to a boil, sautee the veggies with 1 tbsp light olive oil and 1/3 cup of red wine vinegar. Add salt, garlic, oregano, onion and pepper to taste. Allow the vegetables to soften into a sauce until the pasta is al-dente. Marry the ingredients together.

Tasty and healthy!

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