11 September 2008

nostalgia, jeep cherokee laredo

Growing up, I had my eyes set on a Jeep. Preferably an old, boxy one- wood side paneling, if possible. After my sophomore year of college I saved up to buy a 1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo, turquoise, sans paneling. It warmed up fast, got 12 miles to the gallon (on a good day), broke down every four to six months and devoured mountains. To be honest, I was more about the image of driving the jeep. (I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, it was that or a volvowagon- and I can't drive a stick, so...)

Things I kept in my jeep:
>First Aid Kit (L.L.Bean, never used- in fact when I sold the car, I left it as a perk).
>Spare panties in outrageous pink.
> A few beach towels.
> J.Crew grosgrain thongs.
> Organic lip balm.
> A stack of playing cards (with the mummy from Ye Old Curiosity Shop in Seattle printed on them).
>A few senseless maps and a stack of CD's which I rarely had the luxury of listening to as my plug in cd-player was not so much a fan of the dodgy radio.

I sold the old girl when I left Bellingham to move back home, then on to California and eventually New York City.

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