14 September 2008

pickles and things

Humidity and 89 degrees didn't hold me back from Sunday afternoon errands in SoHo and the Village-

After picking up a few essentials and a splurge or two at Muji, Vadim and I hit up the LeSportSac sample sale on W. 18th street. Although thoroughly picked over, we both snagged a cute bag and made our way back to Broome Street for the 8th annual Pickle Festival.

We sipped on Honest Ades as we trailed the avenues in the shade. A woman admitted a shrill scream- jarred, we paused. Fifteen feet ahead, the petite woman continued to scream at a man, "You touched my wallet, asshole!!" He backed off and she screamed into her cellphone, "He touched my wallet!" I took stock of the goose bumps spreading over my body and I stepped to the side as the accused sped past me, "Shit, you dropped it, I didn't touch yo wallet!" I looked back to the woman, who was adjusting her melon colored terry-clothe jumper.

We collected ourselves and commenced on, our path woven with discussion of the woman's pitch. It literally sounded as though she was morphing into some sort of creature.

Green balloons ahead marked the Pickle Festival. Jam packed with vinegar and twenty-somethings posing for photos while sucking pickles on sticks- it was a bit overwhelming. I sampled a few delights and purchased a jar of Wheel Whims Champagne Spears for my mother (I'll be seeing her next weekend!)

Giving up on the heat and crowds, we hopped on the first train- after a few transfers we ended up on some sort of Surprise! train, which continued to pass each stop until we were thirty blocks past home (...)

After negotiating our way back to the Slope, I elected to stop at the Union Market to pick up jars of Rick's Picks- my solution to avoiding the heat and lines at Broome street. Rick's Picks have simply designed jars of beets, curried and pickled tomatoes as well as the traditional pickle recipes! Super yum! I also selected pickled mushrooms and a cranberry mustard <3

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