01 September 2008

code red, ninth street.

The Scene:

8:30pm. Ninth Street- in between fifth and sixth avenues in Park Slope.

(For those of you who are not familiar with the geography of the Slope, this is a 'high-traffic' area).
After having a cocktail at Commonwealth, Vadim and I decided to get a five-dollar margarita at Barrio. Laughing through some minute detail of the evening we turned to our left. Black Lexus. Jersey plates. Door ajar.

A woman is leaning over her toddler- holding his pants open with one hand, his penis in between the index finger and thumb of her other hand- as he urinates. A gaggle of drunks are smoking across the street at Dram Shop's door. A man walks by with his Boston terrier.

A siren sounds.

"Oh God, please, please tell me he's coming for them," Vadim jabbed me in the side.

Sadly, he was not.

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