01 September 2008

all things labor day.

The morning began in Brooklyn. The streets were converted to an impressive spread of food kiosks, excessive NYPD coverage and colorful flags. Perhaps the most curious thing about the Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean Parade was the six sets of NYPD Corrections buses which contained a mere three to five people waving flags in each one. Awkward. Why was this part of the parade?

Otherwise, the parade was a nice way to warm up your crowd negotiating skills, before hitting the Barney's Warehouse Sale (last day). Inbetween the hand-to-hand combat over deeply discounted clothes, regretting the transparent panties I absent mindedly threw on this morning and watching men be asked to leave while the frantic New Yorkers stripped to try on clothes- I realized it was a lost cause. Most of what was left was damaged or illfitting. I'd also like to point out that four (4) salespeople asked me, in exasperated tones, what time it was and mentioned that they were 100% done with this job.

Julia and I cut our losses and departed. Happy-hour was considered, but it wasn't quite late enough in the afternoon, so we ended up wandering towards the Green Market. On our way, we noticed an NBC film crew. Before we could say no, I was being filmed discussing crime in NYC, and a young Pace student that was left strangled in an apartment, above us.

We managed to whisk ourselves away to the market. We sampled produce, enjoyed free 90210 promotions popsicles and eventually took a drink at The Coffee Bar.

Trader Joe's followed (another amazing feat) to select well picked-over, reasonably priced groceries...

*Golf Clap*


Bradford said...

i wish there was a full frame shot of the yellow hot pants/red tights ensemble in all its glory. classic!

SAKURA NYC said...

I tried. I really tried.

Bradford said...

you just have to get right up in there. be brave.