10 September 2008

city dogs: Paco

Previously an Upper East Sider, Paco now resides in Park Slope. This friendly lad is built like linebacker. In other words, he's all pug. At nine-months old Paco had a rough encounter with a poorly trained dog, losing his eye. Fortunately, the handsome guy has adapted well.

As a former trainer once told me, "There are no bad dogs, only poorly trained owners." I'm always surprised when I hear a story like Paco's, as there is little room for dogs with poor citizenship skills in the city.


Paco's Dad offered up, "We used to live on the Upper East Side. There are so many old ladies up there. One day this woman leaned down to pet him- well she couldn't really bend down all the way. She had this big muffin- and Paco jumped up and grabbed it. It exploded in all these pieces, all over the ground. He had a hay day! This isn't Paco's first Media feature. He was in the (New York) Post a few years ago."

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