26 September 2008

buttercup, another in the running.

Cupcakes have become an established focal point of discussion in the office. Often on Fridays, admittedly, pretty frequently on Mondays...Wednesdays...I think you get what I'm throwing down here. The new location of the office has stimulated a search for a new venue: Buttercup Bakery.
Although the frosting is not as delightfully buttery and light as Magnolia, it can hold its own. The two products are so different, it almost seems inappropriate to compare them. Buttercup's approach is a heavier butter cream. I'd put Buttercup's quality before Crumbs, but not quite making the Magnolia cut. I lower my head as I admit that the winner for cake quality (in terms of moistness) is still Bay Ridge's Little Cup Cakes Bakery.
Recommended: Red Velvet (hello cream cheese frosting) and anything with Chocolate Frosting....
973 2nd Ave (between 51st & 52nd).

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