28 September 2008

fashion, points of interest

With the influx of Russian oligarchs and Arab princes settling in London, Harrod's has acclimated by debuting a line of bullet-proof clothing for men. The items by Colombian designer Miguel Caballero range from $6,150-$14,000 (USD) per piece. In the event of past rivalries peaking their ugly faces on the streets, the wealthy gents will not need to rely on bulky protective gear. Within the fashion-forward collection, there are crisp white tuxedo shirts lined with bullet-proof materials- and natty leather jackets which take on a role of body-armor.


In other fashion news and developments, Barcelona based retailer Mango has developed plans to lay down roots in Iraq. Mango would be the first international retailer to set-up shop in the war-torn, conservative country. Mango's intent is to create a line which ascribes to the culture's covered-up style.

Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad has linked up with Mango to put aside the signature flirty dresses and to introduce head scarves and veils to their tailored product line. It is anticipated that the store will be installed into the Kurdish city of Arbil, which has been witness to heinous violence such as a suicide bombing in May of 2007.

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