08 September 2008


I constantly forget to grab a bag for clean up, when walking Pilgrim. The threat of a $100-1000 fine per neighborhood has inspired a wealth of innovative solutions: take-out fliers (always in a messy abundance and usually more effort than they're worth), New York Times protective rain bags (thank you, NY Times, these are above and beyond the alternatives), free magazines (think Village Voice, The Onion, L, etc...) and out of desperation- the occasional piece of semi-unoffensive looking trash.

My ultimate crowning moment:

Sixth Avenue: almost exclusively residential, there are no city trash cans. As per usual, I had forgotten to grab a bag, Pilgrim was already squatting- I jetted my focus from street corner, to street corner. Yes! Free newspaper kiosks! I opened the first one: shit, (no pun intended) empty! I glanced in the adjacent kiosk- no papers, just a crumpled piece of tin foil. I reached inside. *Pause* Tentatively, I picked it up- with as minimal contact as humanly possible. I shook out the half consumed bagel and bent down to work the waste into the foil.

I turned down towards Fifth Ave, where I knew there would be trash cans. This proved to be a more challenging project than anticipated. Each and every pedestrian encountered, stopped to meet Pilgrim, and make small talk. I awkwardly tried to covet the waste as I nodded. By the fourth person, I had lost all scruples. I waved silver unit at a few unsuspecting folks as and continued on our way.

I have since implemented a fire hydrant baggie dispenser that came with my last shipment of puppy pads. It's great! You can attach it to your leash and refill as needed!

Paying for waste bags>inconvenience.

Purchase them: NYC Pet, Pet's Mart, discount catalogs.

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