14 September 2008

lovely PNW ladies in town!

Putting aside a longish-week of work, I met up with Julia and: weekend visitors Jessica and Devereux at Ono. We sipped on Peach Lychee martinis while catching up on PNW news.
Finishing up at Ono, we wandered along Julia's lead to the Meatpacking District. After a few dead end clubs, we met up with George who pushed us along to 230 Fifth Rooftop bar in Flatiron.

Dancing, rooftop seating and oldish couples from Jersey (not to mention the overwhelming vomit stench near the lavatories and West African attendants who immediately spoke to me in French, seemingly impressed with my ability to comprehend and respond) we made it work-

Jessica, Julia and myself danced until 4am when the music was abruptly cut and bouncers began to push people out the doors. Outside we considered our next steps: food, home.

Desperate for a slice, Devereux jetted around- while I talked Julia and Jessica in Gyros. A crowd of six men surrounded me and began to play twenty questions. Do you work in fashion? No? What do you do? Really? I do that too. Where were you tonight? Huh, what are you doing next? And after you eat that? Just getting in a cab? Where are you from? An Island off Seattle? Would that be Bainbridge? How did I know? I could tell. I know the area....

I looked around in desperation- Julia and Jessica were still negotiating with the gyro cart guy. George had long since caught a cab, Vadim was chasing the Pizza-minded Devereux back towards us. I pointed to Jessica and Julia, "They're from the Island too!"

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