09 September 2008

anna wintour, 64, says Vanity Fair

As a new entry to Vanity Fair's, "The New Establishment 2008," Anna Wintour ranked sixty-four.

Highlights, noteworthy"

Sphere of influence: Wintour has reigned over Vogue for two decades. Through her establishment as one of the most influential people in fashion- she has taken command over runways (shows do not start until she has taken her seat), as well she has launched designers such as Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney.

The signature look: bob cut and Chanel sunglasses.

Executive perks: clothing allowance, chauffeur and body guards (to protect her from animal rights activists.

And let's not forget, "Evidence of Possibly Excessive Behavior," allegedly, Wintour declined having Oprah on the cover of Vogue, unless she dropped twenty pounds.

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