16 September 2008

while on the subject

On the plus side, there are hundreds of billions of dollars sloshing around the world's sovereign wealth and private equity funds just looking for something to do once the equity markets finally hold their cathartic blowout.

-Tom Bemis
Assistant Managing Editor, Market Watch


Conversation via gchat-
zonker3m: about time you professed your love for me

me: love.

zonker3m: i was on the verge of giving up and moving on

me: hahah you just want a green card!

Sent at 10:27 PM on Tuesday

zonker3m: no, now I just want to get into your pants...who in his right mind would want to go in the US? Lehman Bros and Meryl (sic) Lynch are going down...

me: they are down

zonker3m: this is the end of America as we know it
soon you will be part of the USSR

me: fyi....media connection that slow in bulgaria?...it's a miracle you have it.

zonker3m: they are down but still around
it's your turn now to chase me for an EU citizenship

me: actually, that's not bad idea

zonker3m: especially now that Ukraine is screwing up its chances for EU membership and cuddling with Putin

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