07 September 2008

bayridge series

"Black and Reds"

(En route R Train, Park Slope)
"Child, street meets bar"

(En route R Train, Park Slope)
"Crossing Lines"

(En route R Train, Park Slope)
"Bayridge bound R"

I later learned that this young mess was trying to get to Whitehall. Q_Q_

Self portrait w/ Vadim.
"America 1"
"America 2"

The display of American flags in Bayridge is a well-defined motif.

"Vinnie's, Bayridge" (9/6)
"Towards Staten Island, Verrazzano Bridge"
"Cookiedough Cupcake, Little Cupcakes Bakery" $2.00. Served by girls in pink bandannas. The cake is more moist than those at Crumbs and Magnolia's. The frosting is generous. Perhaps a little too generous. 3rd Avenue & 90th Street. A word to the wise:there is no shortage of disoriented mums clogging the small door way with strollers.
"The three B's: Bayridge, Bird, Boating"
"Subway 1: Brooklyn Rules"

"Subway 2: Brooklyn Rules"

(Filming location) I recommend renting the film. You simply cannot go wrong with Alec Baldwin as mobster.

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