17 December 2008

Something good, something questionable.

Every Cosmo Girl loves a man who smells like fast food, no? Burger King has released a new fragrance for men, "Flame," which aims to capture the essence of "flame-broiled meat."

Yours for $3.99

Image: Bodog beat.

A creepy new version of Collector's Barbie is available: Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds' doll comes packaged while falling victim to bird attack. Designers of the doll wish to warn parents that the toy is rated PG13 and may not be suited for all little girls in New York City.

Image: Entertainment

Are you unaffected by the recession? Nike SoHo offers customize-your-own-sneakers-in-every-color-service. When going into the store, simply indicate that you'd like to get a pair of NikeiD. You will have the opportunity to customize more than thirty parts of your shoes. Set up an appointment for consulation- be advised the ticket price is $820. Mercer Street, SoHo.

Image: myairshoes.

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