30 December 2008

closing down: The Campbell Apartment

If I had a time machine: I'd go to the Prohibition Era. The Campbell Apartment stirs up a certain feeling: be bad. Sip on some bourbon, sink in our chairs. I found myself in good company, taking in the Anjou Cocktail: scotch, muddled pears. The presence of the scotch proved quite delightful and paired well with the Artisan Cheese and Charcuterie plates. Be advised: this is a tremendous amount of food, meant to be shared with at least four people. Get in early to put your name on the list. The Grand Central venue fills in quickly, but do not fret: the servers have no reserve in asking people to leave if they do not maintain a constant stream of orders (a Toronto man informed me while chatting me up at the bar counter).

They close at 1am: and I will go ahead and admit, we shut them down (earning me a fist pump from a role-playing bond salesman). There you go.

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