28 December 2008

the three b's: bainbridge>boat>bourbon

jetBlue sent me packing early, I hopped on the 6:30 boat to Seattle. As I rose my head to pay the cashier for my glass of wine: John Paul. "Sit together?" "Yea, grab one." As per usual, the ferries promise random reconnects, which shake up plans, shape the hours nicely. We caught up a bit. The boat docked. A voice behind me interrupted, "Keisha?"

Dan. Let's get a drink
John Paul says, ok sure.
Yea I have time.
Erin and Randi are picking me to take me to SeaTac. I'll call them to meet us under the viaduct. Owl & Thistle? Yea, let's watch the fight.

John Paul suggested: bourbon shots, beer backs. Dan rose, returned. We slung our heads back, then snagged our Pacific Northwest Microbrews. I miss beer like this. Dry hopped, unfiltered. Earthy.

"That was bottom shelf," John Paul raised a brow and threw a chuckle, "I respect you for doing that, Kee- not many girls or people- Let me get the next round. "

"She's always been so pure to me," Dan interjected.

Randi showed up, we hugged it out. A few more sips, the running jokes, tales. Food. Sushi? Do we have time?

The drop off. At which point I venture to the counter where the jetBlue staff basically tells me not to lose my bag by checking it- and my Tivoli model One tidal waves security.

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