21 December 2008

The Met, a Sunday-

Alex and Marcel showed up at my place for scrambled eggs, toast and tea this morning. The itinerary marked The Metropolitan Museum of Art and a short sloshy attempt at Central Park. As we negotiated our way down a hill I remarked, "I should have worn a hat. I'm a bit rough in this dripping."

Marcel offered, "I have this bodega umbrella, if you'd like"

An older woman behind us snapped, "Why don't you offer her a bodega arm!"

I laughed, "Would you like us to help you walk down?"

She declined, Marcel stole a few looks to make sure she was doing fine on the ice.

We began in the Egyptian room. It seemed appropriate.

I could make a sort of home here.

Knights and armor...need I say more?

Something chilling and lovely here.

You simply cannot do The Met in one day. Our effort was noble, to be sure.

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