12 December 2008

My new love, my new red coat.

I've been lusting for ruffles and red for the few seasons. I warmed up with MAC's Russian Red lipstick, then began to think more seriously about the idea of a red coat. I can pull this off, right? Red is supposed to be my power color, and yet I rarely select items, as I tend to gravitate to a more conservative palate.

And then it happened! The email for the hi gorgeous! leather sample sale at Six Times Square, at the corner of the Fashion District. (Last year I splurged on three fantastic leather coats). After perusing the thinning selection (I went on Wednesday, sale ends today- GASP) and deciding not to go for the bone colored Nieman Marcus exclusive design three-quarter sleeve jacket, I turned and saw the red coat.

"Is that one for sale?"

"Yes! Everything!! Try it on, it's a first development for Arden B"

I don't want to tell you how cheap this coat was. Let's just say I haven't been working for a little while and it won't break me.

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