10 December 2008

Kappa Sake House

A quasi-new place, Kappa Sake Bar opened as a reinvented Sakura Sushi. The atmosphere is defined by low-lit honey dew walls, soft voices and a record player. I considered the menu: brief, but intricate, it reads: thoughtful.

To drink, I had the Kiiorka white wine from Koshu, Japan. The glass was ideal for sipping with a delicate flavor and dry finish. To satisfy my late night hunger, I opted for a few small plates from the special's menu. The lovely soft spoken server brought me the Spicy Salmon Roll with sesame seeds and the Fried Turkey Sausage and Shitake Shumai, with spicy mustard and ginger sauce. The server suggested that I finish with the Kappa Salad: crunchy cucumber, crab and special house dressing (above photo). The meal was certainly a trail of pleasures. Precise, fresh and subtly spicy. The presentation is well organized and exciting on a variety of petite and creatively designed dishes! If you like beer, the list is short, but packs a punch.

388 Fifth Avenue, Park Slope.

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