13 December 2008

speaks and eats, a way to start your Friday

The closure of the business week marked the beginning of what I hope to be a deeply satisfying and fulfilling weekend. I met Vadim in Midtown- where the idea of coffee turned to slinking downtown through various neighborhoods. We considered getting a drink in Korea Town, then found ourselves in Flatiron, Chelsea. We spotted a new Muji location and went in to thaw. We selected new pens, and Chrono notebooks. Shopping at Muji is like reading a Murakami book, people will approach you and say, "You're a Muji shopper too?" Simple, well-made and industrial sexy.

We gathered ourselves and crossed diagonally to Boqueria.

Boqueria is a favorite of ours, along with everyone I've come in with. Although still in the six o'clock hour, the tapas lounge was packed. We hunted a few seats on the bar, watched as a couple paid and took the last sips of their drinks. To sip, Vadim chose the Onix Garnaxta doq Priorat. The Grenache blend hails from the Catalunya region of Spain and exhibits extraordinary dark fruit/cherry flavors. Vadim exhibited a great satisfaction in his choice. I would have to agree, the glass was lingering with delight and certainly and excellent match for a windy December night.

I decided to go a little lighter with the CVNE White Rioja. The server warned that people tend to either really love the glass or not care for it at all. I accepted a taste and felt that it was a good match. The flavor is light and almost creamy. It presented itself as a good wine for tasting small plates.

Upon recommendation of the server, we tried the Grilled Spanish Octupus Skewers with Cherry Tomatoes, Roasted Squash and a Black Olive Vinegar Compote (photographed in mid-consumption above). Wow. Tender, warm and adventurous flavors mingled in this dish.

The second choice we made is one of my favored selections: Datiles con Beicon. Warm, syrupy sweet dates stuffed with pungent blue cheese, almonds and wrapped in crispy savory bacon (photographed above). This dish is quite rich and you really wouldn't want more than a few small bites. It's well suited for a light and refreshing Sangria or even a earthy glass of wine.

After finishing up our light bites, we gathered our things to offer our seats to the many pairs of eyes that were watching, waiting. We crept down to Union Square to meet our respective parties and enjoy a chilly Friday night. I did a quick survey of Christmas shopping opportunities for the next day...

it's all smoke and mirrors.
Union Square.

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