31 December 2008

evening walk park slope, a photo series

discarded, BK.

stoop shadows.

borough book.

Tucked into sheep skin boots, I pushed my face into my jacket as I walked Pilgrim this evening. Bourbon thoughts wrapped into me, I pushed them aside. Few things on the streets: shadows, two brosnakes arguing outside their running car: door ajar.

Earlier in the evening, I had stepped into the bacce ball, sunken couchs and books shelves of Union Hall. The sliders I shared with Vadim were sticking to me. Thick patty, English muffin, cheese and jalapenos. The steak fries were pretty good too. A satisfying meal for a chilly night. A simple series of events, it seemed appropriate for closing another year in New York City.


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SAKURA NYC said...

in a variety of ways, it was.