20 December 2008

Saturday afternoon- Wine Tasting, Holiday Shopping

subway ad, defaced: anatomy.

Shivering at Fourth avenue, 11th Street- I waited on the F train and chatted on my cell. A few G trains passed, sparked. Heaved. The Orange logo showed in the dark tunnel. Relief. I stepped on and dialed Max, "Hey, train finally came. I'm approaching Smith, can you make it before I get there?"

"I'll try, which car are you in? Try to get to the back of the train."

I had two stops before Bergen. I walked to the back of the car and at Smith hopped down two cars, at Carroll: repeat action. As the train approached Bergen, I looked for Max on the platform. No Max. The plan didn't work. I stepped off and waited.

A moment later he turned the corner," I almost got it! My metro card needed to be refilled!"

While waiting for the next train, we spoke of the defaced subway ads and other modern art.

We made a few connections and dropped off near Warren Street in Tribeca. The New York Wine Co. was having a tasting event from 12-6pm. Two event managers perched themselves behind seventeen wines with a table of cheeses, olives, pickles and toast adjacent. Although many wine shops do frequent tastings, they typically only open a bottle or two. Today's event was not only free, but gorgeously organized and intricately planned. Upon arrival, cards were available for you to follow and mark the bottles/cases that you'd like to purchase. Free delivery (not exclusive to Manhattan!) and warm thoughts.

Among the wines, I'd have to say the Bizoit 06 Echezeaux and the Billecart Salmon NV Brut took the cake. (And ate it too). The Echezeaux is musky, with raspberry and cherry flavors. This Grand Cru put the other reds to shame- making it difficult to continue to taste. I regret having tried it before a handful of others. Take home a bottle ($244) or a case ($2928)- recession to be disregarded. The Billecart delighted me with three different types of grapes: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier from Marne. A light pop on your tongue and ideal for snacking on robust cheeses. The pricing was decent for a bubbly $48 for a bottle, or $576 for a case.

love me: in SoHo.

After we finished sipping and considering, Max and I decided to pick up a few last minute holiday presents in SoHo. We stopped into Muji where I picked out more frames, a great sleek mushroom heather hoody and bonded with a girl on the awkward fit of a blouse that we both elected not to purchase. Max selected a calendar, then suggested we head over to the MoMa store. Despite the sexy gadgets, the clustered mess of people made the detour hardly worth it. Max picked up a stapleless stapeler and a fruit bowl.


Writing Practice said...

Sounds like fun. We are sitting around watching cars slide into the ditch. Seattle doesn't do snow well.

SAKURA NYC said...

I'm mildly horrified by coming home to disoriented Seattlites failing to drive in inclement weather. The games begin on Tuesday...